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What’s a “Gallinero?”

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Print Workshop Central Offers Your Print Studio a Specialized Presence on the Web

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Participate in Print Workshop Central and Increase Your Visibility, Your Contacts and Your Business

Ten years of online fine-art-print advocacy have taught us that a single Internet  presence is not enough. The more–and more qualified–places you appear on the World Wide Web, the better for your print studio’s business. So start incrementing your presence now by joining Print Workshop Central. It has never been so easy.

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A Print Workshop Central Interviews Sampler

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It’s about Interesting People Doing
Interesting Things in Interesting Places

The Print Workshop Central work plan calls for an interview with a representative–usually but not necessarily the studio director–with every studio we put on the PWC site. We knew that this would mean extra work both for us and for the participants, but we thought the interviews might provide a means of seeing printers and print workshops from an inside angle. In the beginning we had no idea how rich and varied these interviews would turn out to be, but we have been delighted to discover a wealth of curious anecdotes, true confessions and delightful surprises from professional printmakers all the way from the tundra of Newfoundland on the North Atlantic Coast of Canada to the semi-tropical balm of New Zealand’s North Island. Read the rest of this entry »