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Breaking News! A Valuable Prize for Participating in Our Survey

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We thought our idea to do a poll of print studios worldwide was an excellent and convenient way to get an idea of the overall profile of the whole print-workshop universe. But we’re beginners in the business of surveys, and had no idea how much people hate filling out questionnaires.  So, in an effort to get you to dedicate a few minutes (fewer than five) of your time to doing just that, we’ve decided to offer you a powerful incentive.

Every print-studio which fills out our Print Studio Survey Number One, and sends it back to us will receive an email with a link to an invaluable online-print-sales article entitled Internet Fine-Art-Print Sales; What Works, What Doesn’t? So just follow this link to the questionnaire, fill it out and send it back to us, and you’ll receive your access to this valuable free article within 24 hours.

Written by Michael Booth

November 5, 2008 at 3:09 pm