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Small World, Milanese Connection, First Writer

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Our old friend, Barbara Mason (from the Atelier Meridian in Portland, Oregon), was kind enough last summer to recommend my etching workshop to a friend called Mary Marjerrison. Mary showed up a couple of weeks ago with her friend, the author, Nancy Tomasetti, the Gallinero’s first writer. Did they come from Oregon? No, they came from Milan, Italy, where they both live. It’s a small world. Hence the silly title of this post.

Mary Marjerrison in Maureen Booth's studiooMary, who works in administration at an international school in Milan was able to rob a week for printmaking thanks to the very civilized Italian tradition of the “Settimana bianca,” a week off school in March. Perhaps it’s because she was previously an art teacher, or because of her high energy level (How many grandmothers do you know who run marathons?), but Mary got straight down to work, preparing her solar-print acetates in the Gallinero in the evenings and showing up in the studio each morning prepared to burn the images onto plates. Read the rest of this entry »

A Surprise Visitor from London’s Art Workers Guild

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The phone rang the other morning and it was Monica Grose-Hodge from the Art Workers Guild in London.  She wasn’t in London, though; she was here in Granada doing three days of interviews with local artists and craftspeople. She found me through my Granada Studio Visits display at her hotel, and wanted to know if she could come out for a visit and an interview.  Yes, of course. Read the rest of this entry »