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What’s a “Gallinero?”

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Gallinero bedroom/workroom

What’s a “gallinero” and why should you want to stay there?

Anglo-Spanish Printmaker Launches Learning Videos

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Granada-based master printmaker, Maureen Booth of Pomegranate Editions, announces her new Printmaking Master Classes series of printmaking learning videos, now available for download.

Maureen Booth in her studio for the Printmaking Master Classes videos shoot. Maureen Booth in her studio for the Printmaking Master Classes videos shoot. Read the rest of this entry »

Small World, Milanese Connection, First Writer

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Our old friend, Barbara Mason (from the Atelier Meridian in Portland, Oregon), was kind enough last summer to recommend my etching workshop to a friend called Mary Marjerrison. Mary showed up a couple of weeks ago with her friend, the author, Nancy Tomasetti, the Gallinero’s first writer. Did they come from Oregon? No, they came from Milan, Italy, where they both live. It’s a small world. Hence the silly title of this post.

Mary Marjerrison in Maureen Booth's studiooMary, who works in administration at an international school in Milan was able to rob a week for printmaking thanks to the very civilized Italian tradition of the “Settimana bianca,” a week off school in March. Perhaps it’s because she was previously an art teacher, or because of her high energy level (How many grandmothers do you know who run marathons?), but Mary got straight down to work, preparing her solar-print acetates in the Gallinero in the evenings and showing up in the studio each morning prepared to burn the images onto plates. Read the rest of this entry »

A Sweet Idea (with a tip of the hat to

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The World Printmakers Group of Printmaking Websites on a Prezi presentation.

This new World Printmakers’ flyer is the cover shot of a mini-presentation done in a program we’ve just discovered ( We suggest you print up WP_Group_6 and post it on your bulletin board.

We got the idea here from The good news is that you can use it, too.

Don’t wait. Start now!

Written by Michael Booth

February 7, 2010 at 5:35 pm

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Print Workshop Central Offers Your Print Studio a Specialized Presence on the Web

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Participate in Print Workshop Central and Increase Your Visibility, Your Contacts and Your Business

Ten years of online fine-art-print advocacy have taught us that a single Internet  presence is not enough. The more–and more qualified–places you appear on the World Wide Web, the better for your print studio’s business. So start incrementing your presence now by joining Print Workshop Central. It has never been so easy.

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Andy MacDougall’s Secret New Venues for Selling Prints

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What Do You Love? Rock ‘n Roll, Cars, Football, Flowers, Computers?
Why Not Market Your Images at Their Respective Trade Fairs?

A couple of weeks ago our friend, Andy MacDougall, the master screen printer based in Royston, BC off the west coast of Canada, (You may know him as the Mayor of ) wrote this comment on one of the discussion threads on the Cut the Gallery Out of the Picture website.  I found his remarks fascinating, as they seemed to point the way to new venues for printmakers to market their art.  Andy says: Read the rest of this entry »

Written by Michael Booth

December 29, 2009 at 9:54 am

World Printmakers Launches “Print Universe,” a New Social Network and Resource Site for Print People Everywhere

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“Where printmakers worldwide can get their heads together…”


Print Universe, the new social network for fine-art print people, has joined the family of World Printmakers sites and resources for the fine-art-print community. Print Universe, online in beta version since the first of August, offers fine-art-print people display areas for images and videos, forums for opinions and discussion, a very complete tool for announcing events, another for inviting new members, and a blog for every member, among other features.

Since the new network has had an enthusiastic reception among the beta users, who are maintaining high levels of participation, we have decided to present Print Universe in society.

We would like to invite all members and readers of Print Workshop Central to have a look at this new network, to become members  (just click on “Join Up” at the upper right of the main page), and to invite their printmaker and print lover friends to join, too.  We think you’ll find it interesting, rewarding and fun. It’s also free.

Written by Michael Booth

September 5, 2009 at 1:58 pm