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Cut the Gallery Out of the Picture

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This is a Mutual Help Article, Not an Advertisement

Have you ever exhibited in a gallery? Have you ever wished there were other ways to market your artwork? If the answer is, “Well, frankly, yes…” please read on.

We think a lot of visual artists would like to discover alternate ways to market their work without going the gallery route. But just what are the alternatives? We have some ideas, but we’re admittedly not experts on the subject. So we’ve created a new site called–you guessed it–Cut the Gallery Out of the Picture, located at

The purpose of this new site is to gather from the artists’ community itself all the information we can on their experiences in sidestepping the art world’s main middlemen: the galleries. Cut the Gallery Out of the Picture is an audience- participation site, and you are all invited to contribute your own stories to its collective fund of alternate-art-marketing information. The first contributor is my long-suffering painter/printmaker/muse and wife, Maureen, who has a lot of experience both inside and outside of galleries. The article goes into some detail on her latest ideas on keeping ahead of the economic tsunami which is enveloping artists–and everyone else–these days. You can read it here:

The Cut the Gallery… site has several categories already created where you can post your story. They are:

As you can see, that last category is a catchall for all of the strategies which we haven’t foreseen. And if we need to create new categories for revolutionary new ideas, we’ll be pleased to do that.

So, don’t wait one minute longer. Go to now, pick a category and share with all of the artists in the world just exactly how you did it! They’ll appreciate it and, before this exercise is over, we all will have learned something.

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