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First Objective: Getting to Know One Another

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If print workshops from different parts of the world are ever going to work together in common causes, the first thing they need to do is to get to know one another. A good way to start is to browse through the studio links in the column at your right on this screen, the ones directly under the numbered fixed pages at the top. There you’ll find some basic facts on each studio, along with a selection of images of its installations and operations. We’re hoping to expand the number of images in all the studio pages. One of them even includes a smart promotional video. Printmaking is, after all, a visual art and we think print studios should promote their visual aspects, which make up their strong suit.

Near the bottom of each studio’s page you’ll find an interview with the studio’s director or spokesperson. We have tried in these interviews to reveal something of the spirit of each studio, and some of their philosophy, aspirations and operating procedures. Reading through the interviews we are struck both by the similarities among studios from different countries, and by their differences, by what they’re trying to achieve and the ways they go about it, the problems and limitations they face and how they go about overcoming them.

We know you’re busy, but try to find the time to have a look at what your colleagues worldwide are doing, and how. You might actually learn something you can apply in your own studio. And don’t forget that you can communicate with them via the comment boxes at the bottom of all the pages.

Written by Michael Booth

December 1, 2008 at 2:55 pm

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