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Announcing Print Workshop Central

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Print Workshop Central is a one-year-old World Printmakers initiative designed to offer a series of services and resources to fine-art printmaking workshops around the world.

After consulting print workshop professionals on four continents we have concluded that they have essentially everything in common, and there are valuable online services which World Printmakers can provide for all of them, as well as for their community as a whole. These include, of course, a source of shared technical information and a central register of opportunities for print workshop people, such as grants, sponsors, potential clients, residencies, etc. But they go well beyond those essential features.

These are Print Workshop Central’s principal objectives:

  • To provide a high-visibility universal showcase for professional fine-art printmaking workshops, their artists and their work
  • To provide these workshops with an open forum for the interchange of ideas, suggestions, best practices, and points of view
  • To make creative use of the World Wide Web and the Web 2.0 to increase awareness and impact of authentic fine-art prints and their authors among art lovers everywhere.
  • To provide information regarding issues of authenticity and authors’ rights
  • To be an advocacy and organization center for the defense of authentic fine-art prints
  • To maintain a central register of opportunities for print workshops and artists
  • To provide print workshop people with a forum for exchanging current technical information on the ever-evolving states of the various print media
  • And to offer them a comfortable and familiar context in which to relate to, learn from and share with one another

If we can achieve all of this in the first year of operation we will consider Print Workshop Central a success.

But we can’t do it on our own. Care to join us?

If you think you might like to participate, have a look at this page.

Written by Michael Booth

December 1, 2008 at 11:10 am

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